Clubhouse for Android will be released soon all over the world

This is update of our previous article about clubhouse.

Clubhouse for Android will be released soon all over the world

Clubhouse revealed last week that its much-anticipated Android app was actually here, at least in the way that it was being used by a few users. It was only available to "friendly testers" in a closed beta at the time. It's now available on Android for anyone. Ok, sort of: "everyone" is still restricted to those who have received audio chatroom invitations. But, well, at the very least, you can reserve a username via the app.

Clubhouse is the hottest minimalist app on iOS right now, with consumers clamoring for an invite to the closed beta for more than a year. Its attraction is the ability to listen in on real-time audio conversations with the celebrity guests the program has managed to draw. (If you're into that kind of thing, you might even host an audio chat yourself.) Clubhouse has had so much exposure that everybody and their dog is trying to imitate it, or buying someone who has already done so. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and Telegram all have or are developing rival services.

Many that are serious about getting through the locked gate will reserve their username and place themselves on the waiting list using the Android app.
You should punch it in and see what all the fuss is about whether you have an invitation. It appears to be almost identical to the iOS app, based on screenshots posted to the Play Store. APK Mirror also has a copy of the Clubhouse app.

This week, we're going global.

The service will be available on Android worldwide on Friday, May 21st, according to a tweet from the official Clubhouse account. That was a fast response.

In comparison, Clubhouse has been quickly iterating the Android app's beta edition. Four new versions of the app have been released in the last week, according to APK Mirror, and app details claim that new users are being added and invites are being sent out quickly.

Other news sources also speculated that Clubhouse sees Android as a way to keep up its breakneck growth speed, as sales of the iOS app have stalled, indicating that the app's market of potential customers has been saturated. It would make a lot of sense to make the service available to a billion or so Android devices as soon as possible.

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