Do Browser track you in 'Incognito' Mode?

Simple answer to this question do browser track in incognito mode is 'yes' they do.

Do Browser track you in 'Incognito' Mode?

A few things you should know

  1. It doesn't hide you or give anonymity by any means as browser pass ipaddress, device type and other lots of information. To test your browser clickhere.
  2. Its just prevents other user from seeing your browser history.
  3. Ya, Ads do track you in incognito mode too.
That’s because Incognito mode isn’t really private.

Incognito mode only removes your local search and browsing history  content "ONLY FROM YOUR COMPUTER". Lets just say you don't sign in anywhere, but website you visit can collect your metadata (small bits of information) like your IP address, your device type, which browser you are using etc to predict who you might be, and they co-relate those information with data they already have which might be associated with you. So, Websites, search engines, Internet service providers, and governments can still easily track you across the web.

That’s the reason it's important to use privacy alternatives that don’t share your personal information such as DuckDuckGo for search. clickhere to find more privacy focused search engines.

If you didn’t know that private browsing isn’t private you’re not alone! A lot of people almost 67% of them who use private browsing mode over-estimate the protection that private browsing modes offer. To check out paper clickhere.

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