Does anyone cares about privacy?#busted

Yes, people care about privacy lot more than they used to. More consumers expressed concern for their personal information.

Does anyone cares about privacy?#busted

We will start this topic with a question. Have you ever have spoken or asked your family, friends or relatives about privacy on the Internet? Unfortunately, for most persons, the answer is never. Normally, people think that only a small number of people care about privacy, and while that's not true, it's becomes something that prevents most people from talking about privacy. We talk and teach lot of things to people around to be safe physically as it used to be only case but now time is different people can deliver more harm to you and people around you mentally or lets say virtually then physically. Technology have given leap to humankind to next era but people are still stuck in past mythology.

In January 2017, the IDC found that 84% of users were worried about their personal details and 70% were more worried than only a few years before. And this isn't just talk. Around 20 % of people use tracker blocking tools, and many take other approaches, such as the use of privacy focused search engine. Find out more in Privacy Focused Tools.

Its time that we share, talk and distribute information to people we are with about privacy practices in internet and how to be safe. So it becomes the part of teaching we provide to our future generation.

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