My password keep me secure?#busted

Not necessarily! Why? Because of out habit of using less secure password and reusing it for all accounts.

My password keep me secure?#busted

If you have used the same password on more than one website, your accounts could be compromised due to data leaks. Lot of big company like Adobe, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Dropbox, SnapChat, Minecraft, Neopets etc. See if you’ve been part of an online data leaks. When a hacker has access to the login credentials from a particular account, they will attempt it on other website with same username or email. Some hackers use automatic software to loop through leaked password lists and test them on a variety of popular websites.

Hackers don’t care how much money you have. They just want your data and personal information to use illegally. These attackers can even find ways to target your friends and family once they gain access to your account.

Believe it or not, many big websites have leaked their data over the last few years , allowing hackers to use the passwords. 479 website data leaks and 10,196,051,455 compromised account (till 2020) according to Breach data provided by Have I Been Pwned (Fun fact: "Pwned," originating from owned, is a video game slang when someone is badly defeated!)

How can you stay safe?

  • Use a different password on each website.
  • Use a password manager like Bitwarden, LastPass etc that generates secure and random passwords stores them for you safely.
  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA) wherever possible.

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