Free Games, Office and many more

Download free pc games, software for windows these are some site that provide free office for windows also have free games and free software that can be downloaded.

Free Games, Office and many more

When ever we search about free Windows latest games, Windows office suite or any Windows software we select one website randomly and in place of downloading the file required we are redirected to various website, after some time we become agitated and close that site and try for another not knowing the result is going to be same no files, lots of ads and lots of redirects. So to solve this i have selected these sites which provide most essential software or packages any one may need with out those hassle.

Free Office Suite

Its not the licensed Microsoft Office but alternative to it which is free forever and works as Microsoft office also available in all Platforms.

Free PC Games

If you really want to play some high end games or just some normal games you are in right place. provides lots of games and also there is place where you can request for games. Things to remember is all files you download will have password and the password for the rar files or games you download from this site is “” (all in small letters). Why they set password you can read in this page.

Free Software and Education Courses, for this site you really need Google translator to convert whole page to english. This site provide free software for windows on top of that it also provide free Udemy, Coursera courses material. Check your self out and find what you need.

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