Google new Easter egg ‘DVD Screensaver’ bounces logo in screen

This is new 🐣🥚 by google "dvd screensaver" search the term and wait for some seconds to see logo in action.

Google new Easter egg ‘DVD Screensaver’ bounces logo in screen

We haven't seen a nice Easter egg from Google in a long time.
It used to feel that every few weeks, someone would find a new secret joke in one of Google's items. They were churned out by the organization as if it were their work.

Although there haven't been too many new ones recently, it seems that they're already making their way in. The most recent: using the right search keywords, you can make Google's search page behave like an early-aughts media player that has been left idle for too long.

How to activate it:

  1. Use a web browser to access Google. It does not seem to work on a mobile device.
  2. Search for  “DVD screensaver”. You will also find “DVD bouncing logo” as search result which also have it own trick.
  3. Wait for five seconds the logo will automatically start bouncing.

What’s the point? Like most decent Easter eggs, the only response to that is “I dunno, it’s fun!” Pass the time by watching to see if it soon reaches the corner.
Tell your coworkers about it so they know you're not working and instead posting nonsense on the Internet.

As far as I can say, Google engineer Zouhir Chahoud was the one who first found out this egg on Twitter. Thank you very much, Zouhir!

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