Hackers build a new tool to jailbreak almost every iPhone

Hackers build a new tool to jailbreak almost every iPhone

An iPhone hacking team has launched a tool for nearly all iPhones, even the latest versions, using the same flaw that Apple said was actively being attacked by hackers last month.

It says it runs on the iOS 11 ( iPhone 5s and later) to iOS 14.3 launched by Apple in December, and released the Unc0ver team last weekend.

Jailbreaking is a cat and mouse game between security investigator and Apple, who tells us the iPhones lock up for security, who wants to see more control and customisation on their phones. Hackers are constructing jailbreak tools to identify and exploit bugs that can lift some of Apple's constraints, such as downloading apps outside their app store, which many Android users already have.

In a tweet, the jailbreak group claimed to use their own "exploit" for a kernel loophole called CVE-2021-1782, one of the three "successfully abused" faults of hackers. Apple insisted it was not. The hackers can get deep hooks to the underlying operating system by attacking the kernel.

In iOS 14.4, launched last month, Apple patched the loophole that still stops jailbreak from running on later releases. The iPhone has been actively attacked by hackers, it was a rare confession, but the organization refused to mention who the hackers were and who they were after. The researcher who sent the bug also gave Apple anonymity.

The last jailbreak in the group, which supported iOS 11 to iOS 13.5 iPhones, was patched last year in a few days. Since these vulnerability may be used maliciously, Apple works efficiently to understand and correct the flaws discovered in jailbreak groups.

Security experts usually warn iPhone users against jailbreaks because it vulnerability of the system. If your phone is kept up to date, security patches that remove the jailbreak can be implemented, it is one of the safest ways to protect your mobile.

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