High-def mapping DeepMap is acquired by Nvidia to enhance AV technology

High-def mapping DeepMap is acquired by Nvidia to enhance AV technology

📷 Credits: DeepMap

Nvidia has announced the acquisition of DeepMap, a high-definition mapping business. According to the firm, its mapping IP will benefit Nvidia's autonomous car technology business, Nvidia Drive.

“The purchase validates DeepMap's distinct vision, technology, and people,” said Ali Kani, vice president and general manager of Nvidia's Automotive division, in a statement. “DeepMap is anticipated to increase our mapping solutions, assist us in scaling our global map operations, and broaden our comprehensive self-driving expertise.”

One of the most difficult aspects of establishing complete autonomy in a passenger car is obtaining accurate localization and up-to-date mapping information that matches current road conditions. By using DeepMap's technology, Nvidia's autonomous stack should have improved precision, allowing the car to better find itself on the road.

“By collaborating with Nvidia, we will be able to grow our technology more swiftly and help more people sooner. “We are excited to continue our adventure as part of the Nvidia team,” said DeepMap co-founder and CEO James Wu in a statement.

DeepMap, established by former Google, Apple, and Baidu executives James Wu and Mark Wheeler, may leverage Nvidia Drive's software-defined platform to extend its maps across AV fleets fast and without consuming too much data storage through over-the-air updates.
As part of the collaboration, Nvidia will invest in additional DeepMap capabilities.

Nvidia expects to complete the transaction in the third quarter of 2021.

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