Basic Tips for new Programmers

Nowadays millions of app, website and software are made everyday and its scope is increasing. If you're a programmer or wanted to start the programming then you're on right place.

Basic Tips for new Programmers

Here are the 7 tips and tricks for programming:

Maintain coding standards:

Nowadays, we can learn everything on internet if we are really interested. But, as per my research, gurus directly teach you how to display  some "Hello World" at first. It's easy to write unorganized and display some results but when our projects got bigger we have to fix many bugs, errors etc. hence it makes harder to find specific error and others would not understand your coding standard. So, we have to maintain global coding standard like PSR-1 Coding Style Guide.

Writing comments:

Comments are most important habit to adapt as a programmer. Programmer will realize the importance of comments over line of codes when the project got bigger. It makes programmer life easier to understand the what is the specific line is returning and would be very useful for other to understand also.

Don't repeat code:

Repeating same codes on a program makes the code longer and breaks the vibe while understanding codes. Programmer can make specific function, files and link the path when needed. For example: web pages contain same header, footers and navigation bar. We don't have to write same codes on every page, instead we can link it.

Remove unused codes:

During writing a code, we may find new idea to implement certain codes. In such case, there is  no point of preserving old codes which makes code long and might cause error later on.

Use understandable names:

While creating a custom variables to store data, put the specific name for the variables, function, class names.For Example: If you want to store data of the petrol pump write $petrol_data or any specific names following zist. Don't write like $pd. It will just get confused later on!

Design a program:

Designing a algorithm at first makes our logic on point and we know what should be our result, where certain lines of codes to link. Writing codes without designing algorithm is like driving a car without knowing where to go. That's why always engineer the project before diving into it.

Practice practice practice:

No matter how many hours a day you watch some videos online to learn coding, you won't learn until you start practicing. Practice makes a man perfect. Learn everyday and start hustling.


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